High School Hoops!

Tonight I ran into an old friend. He and I used to play against each other in the Christian School League some 16 years ago. While playing against each other 3 times in our Senior years, we bonded and became pretty good friends. In fact for several years after school he would come down and play in Clarksville with some of my other friends, and we always had a great time. Well tonight we went to the final home game @ Village Christian School, and he was one of the referee’s at tonights game, and we hadn’t seen each other in probably at least 11 years. It was great to catch up a little bit. He is pastoring a church in Hillsboro, and working for the Clinton/Warren Counties MRDD. Well it was great getting the opportunity to talk with him and hopefully our families will be getting to hang out soon. FUN NIGHT! Oh and the other good news….Shhhhh do not tell anyone, but Robin is coming home next week…….<<<<<< (Scott is dancing to the song) I’m soooooooo excited, I just can’t hide it, I know, I know, ok maybe I don’t know but that is all I know of that song…..Good Night everyone!


Hello world!

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Writing Frenzy! Finally some inspiration, Like the Lord is not enough inspiration!

How can I say it any better
Than on my knees, weathered
Crying out to you
searching my heart for truth
turning my eyes upon you
seeing the Son of glory

bring my heart to yours
let me be full of your presence
opening up my soul
to receive your gifts from heaven
abundant love life eternal
you are all I am

You are all I am
All I am fit to be
A workmanship of You
Love so pure so true
You are all I am

bringing lost souls together
with a love that stands forever
grace flows and makes anew
draw me oh draw me close to You

Need I say more?!?!?!

Nepotism at it’s finest!

I am astonished. It must be nice to be the President. Obama is releasing 245 of his closest friends and relatives from Guantanamo Bay! The Anti-Christ? Hmm could be! This is very disturbing to say the least!

Hello is there anyone out there?

Well since I have had zero responses to my last two serious posts, I thought I would give humor a try! I saw this first bumper sticker today as I was driving to an appointment. I couldn’t stop laughing at it!

And I saw this one as I was looking for the first one and thought it was very funny too!

Movement of the Holy Spirit!

On one of the Sunday’s we were away from Center Point over the holidays, was to go with my Mom to our old church Dove Church Wilmington. We had been putting off going there for quite some time, mostly because we had no desire to miss Ray’s preaching, and the people we have come to love so much at CP.

DCW does not have a pastor, the church has been led for several years by the elders of the church and I must say that they do an excellent job with the teachings, and they all have areas of concern in the church that they address with a certain level of expertise.

The Sunday that we did attend, they had a couple that had recently moved here from England and they shared their testimony and journey to DCW. It was truly an amazing testimony of patience and diligence to God and the vision that only He can instill in us and that only He can make happen. I wont go into all of the details, but after the service they asked if anyone would like to come up and pray with them, about 85% of the church went up to get prayed for and there were people laughing, people crying, people getting ministered to in various ways.

It was inspiring to see the Holy Spirit moving throughout the entire church. God was truly using this couple as an instrument to disperse the Holy Spirit.

Sunday night at our Small Group we discussed this along with the sermon about Revelations (which was once again wonderful). We prayed for the Holy Spirit to move in similar ways or even more intimately through Center Pointe.

I will leave you with this scripture and word of advice. John 14:14-17. If we ask God to use th Holy Spirit to sweep through Center Pointe in ever-changing way. IT WILL HAPPEN.

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